I did put a small introduction on the About page but there is a lot more to my story than the simple paragraph that you will read there. I adore my part of the world (the mid-west US) and it would take a fair bit of convincing to see me move anywhere else. The small presentation below gives you a little bit of insight into the area.

Spending time away from the city allows you to reflect and enjoy natural surroundings without the hustle and bustle you would have to contend with. I used to work in a city bank and there is always immense pressure on performance as well as the added risk of theft and robberies.

Leading an outdoor life is good for the soul, at least that’s the way it feels and with so many that I know living locally that have a history in the city the proof keeps growing that this is a much better way of life. Children are easily influenced these days (as you all probably know) and I feel much safer knowing they are playing in the fields, streams and woodland areas instead of the city parks and streets. There is a lower chance of drugs and other nonsense allowing them to have some freedom and for me to relax without as much worry.

As mentioned before I work in a small bank and life is always full of tiny quirks and laughs throughout the day. As a small bank employee in a small town you start to get to know the customers on a personal level both in and out of work. This works for an against and can be painful (when people you know want to chat) and problematic when you make simple mistakes. I still enjoy it overall and over the years I have struck up many friendships that would be otherwise be impossible if I still lived in the city. Often we meet up on weekends and spend time eating, drinking and laughing until the early hours of the morning. Living with friends, family and lots of social events is the best you could ever achieve in life and I highly recommend it to all of you city slickers!

Please check back from time to time as I will try to keep updating at a regular intervals and hopefully in my next posting I can add some photos for my friends and family to enjoy.







New Desk

As with most things in a small town getting items replaced can be a tough job. The bank has had this branch open for close to 12 years and since that time no upgrading has been attempted. This has led to an environment that looks out of date and needs urgent attention. Of course the manager has asked repeatedly for budget to replace carpets and furniture but as we are so far out the way it seems head office has no interest!

You can imagine my surprise, when arriving for work last Monday, to find I have a shiny brand new desk and a complete re-carpet of the entire office. I thought I was seeing things to be honest but to keep me grounded I still have to live in my old chair (I am told these will be replaced in the next week or so). Having new furniture really makes a difference to moral and efficiency as staff tend to work better in a nice environment. You can see the model they bought me in the short video below.

The kitchen also managed to get an upgrade with a new fridge and even a food processor and juicer so we can prepare healthy meals in the morning. This has renewed my new resolutions to start eating a healthier diet instead of all the convenience foods we eat these days. Mixing up some veggies or fruits can make for a really tasty meal without all the bad elements. I will have to spend some time on the net to see what I can come up with in the way of ideas.

Just a short update today as I wanted to tell the world about my brand new desk!!